THANK YOU for your vote ...

There is no “magic pill” for creating a vibrant city.   Programs that create safe, clean neighborhoods, which foster successful businesses, create jobs and create a solid tax base, are all rooted in communication and collaboration.  We must ensure that residents flourish and our youth are nurtured.  And we must always remember that open, participative government is the only way to be effective and successful.

As a small business owner, community volunteer, and active mom, I know I am well equipped to be your representative.  With your participation, my listening ears and a city that can make it happen, we can together maintain our rich, small town character and create the quality of community you desire. 

My desire to be a part of the Concord City Council is truly rooted in my love for Concord and my desire to make our little spot on this planet one that is full of opportunities for every person that chooses to call Concord home.

Thank you for allowing me to be your representative for FOUR MORE YEARS!